Presidency To Buy 11th Aircraft For N1.5bn

The Presidency has commenced plans to purchase a brand new aeroplane by making an initial deposit of N1, 520,000,000 for the aircraft. This will bring to 11 the number of aircraft in the presidential fleet.

200412n.goodluck_jonathanAccording to the 2014 budget estimates submitted to the National Assembly last week for appropriation, several new items are to be purchased anew by the Presidential Air Fleet (PAF) under the supervision of the State House.

Other new items listed in the PAF budget are – the completion of hanger project (N405,500,000), tyre bay tools and equipment (N106,000,000), Towberless tow tractor for aircraft towing ( N58,740,000), hanger sweeper (N31,870,000), luggage conveyor belt truck (N28,898,000) and harlan tow tug for aircraft equipment towing (N27,590,000).

Other new items are – CCTV and surveillance equipment (N18,000,000), aircraft tools and equipment (N11,480,000), battery workshop equipment (N5,050,000), complete tool box for general works and vehicles (N360,000), heavy duty crocodile jacks (N300,000), aluminum ladder (N285,000), safety boots (N52,500) and foldable ladder ( N50,000).

In 2012, there were plans by the Presidency to acquire two planes and presently the aircraft in the PAF are – two Falcon 7X jets, two Falcon 900 jets, a Gulfstream 550, one Boeing 737 BBJ (Nigerian Air Force 001 or Eagle One), and a Gulfstream IVSP, one Gulfstream V, Cessna Citation 2 aircraft and Hawker Siddley 125-800 jet.

It is estimated that each of the Falcon 7X jets purchased in 2010 cost the nation, $51.1 million, while the Gulfstream 550 was purchased for $53.3 million.


  1. This presidency appear to be blind and deaf to the sufferings of the Nigerian masses. What do they need another aircraft for in a country where over 100 million are looking for food to eat? God will help us to push PDP out in 2015

  2. I don’t want to believe this because it seems one need to wait patiently and confirm the authenticity of news that has to do with government and governance in this country. However, if this is true then we should keep praying more to God to have mercy on us and act wisely and justly come 2015 election… We must vote in the right person, knowing fully well that party doesn’t really matter but personality does. We’ve got to perform our civic right wisely and justly by not putting our future in jeopardy. God Bless Nigeria


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