An outspoken Kaduna-based Islamic preacher Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Mahmud Gumi has posted a message via his Facebook account regarding the raging conflict in South Sudan, and muses on how it might be of a lesson to Nigeria. Read the full text of his statement below.

ahmad_gumiIn modern times, a purely religious conflict is unusual. Conflicts that appear to be on religious divide are essentially undercoated with ethnic or socio-economic layers. For that reason, as the world is getting richer religion is becoming relegated to the background until it virtually comes to a naught.

In an authentic hadith, the prophet – peace be upon him – said: “The Hour will not come until when ‘Allah Allah’ is not mentioned on Earth”; in another narration: “Until when the phrase: ‘There is no deity except Allah’ is not said,” people will be engaged in explicit sexual intercourse publicly and no man will object to that. On such people will the hour occur.

In the West, the signs have already started since those who are supposed to call for virtues are the active supporters of these vices. Governments and the clergy. Gays and lesbians have rights. Out-of-wedlock pregnancies are the norm, bastards are the leaders and celebrities.

Man becomes corrupted once he finds riches and feels he is self-reliant. “Nay, but man doth transgress all bounds, In that he looketh upon himself as self-sufficient,” Q96/6-7. Therefore in search of this material ‘gratification’, man resorts to all forms of criminality even if that entails killing in the name of God.

The conflict in Southern Sudan has truly unshielded the truth. It is now naked truth that the North/South conflict was not because of religion. It was not an Islamic/Christian conflict; it is just that Christianity was found by the Southern various tribes to be a better cementing factor to be used in session. It was engineered by the foreign interest in the oil reserves in the South.

Ojukwu has tried the same thing in 1966-67 Biafran conflict, but, unfortunately for him, the Federal Government was headed by a Christian Gowon.

Today, these same forces in greed of the Delta oil are wiser. Let it appear that its the “fundamentalist Muslims” in the North that are agitating for session. But, unfortunately for them, half of the South or more is Muslim. Worst still for them, most of Muslims in the North have understood the intrigue. Therefore, religion has refused to anchor for their irreligious war. Let therefore the Southern Sudan godless conflict be a good lesson for Nigeria.

May Allah protect us all. Amin.


  1. you are wrong. half of the south are not muslim i can prove that by telling u dat as a prince and a royalty i know all details of every family in my city der is no muslim in my city ughelli delta

  2. Good reminder to our people sheikh, let’s unite and shun political violence in the name of religion and embrace unity to make nigeria giant of Africa once more, prince having zero Muslims in your community doesn’t matter but let’s the entire nation unite against tyrant leaders and stand firm for truth and justice. You can start with your community prince and corruption should be curbed out from grass root that’s hamlet level before we can attain progress in our nation. Thanks sheikh

  3. if in individual locality we can encourage ourselves and people around us like this things will improve in nigeria. the matter of we are one should be in our heart and work towards to achive. thank you all.