Breaking News: Supreme Court Orders Abacha Son’s Trial for Theft

The Supreme Court has unanimously decided in the morning of January 17, 2014, Friday that Mohammed Abacha, son of the late former Head of State, General Sani Abacha, must be returned to an Abuja High Court and face his trial.


A 123 count criminal charges have been brought against him by the Federal Government of Nigeria, wherein he was alleged to be in possession of stolen properties belonging to the Federal Government.

The theft was allegedly committed by the late former dictator stole, when he ruled Nigeria.

Mohammed Abacha had previously unsuccessfully attempted to foil his trial. Then he proceeded to the Court of Appeal, where he lost. Finally, he approached the Supreme Court.

The son of the late ruler declared that the immunity enjoyed by his father, while in office, extended to him and that having forfeited some of the family’s properties confiscated by the government, he should be exempted from prosecution in line with the he provisions of Decree number 53 of 1999.

The Court, however, stated that immunity does not extend beyond the tenure of office and that even if the late head of state were alive, he could have been prosecuted for a criminal offence, not to talk of his son, who has never been a State Leader.

Therefore, Mohammed Abacha  has to go and face his trial at the Abuja court.

Source: PM News