Does Ice Prince Bleach? Ice Prince Responds

Nigeria’s own Ice Prince Zamani today responded to claims that he is bleaching.

He posted this picture of his facebook page on a plane and when one of his friends asked if he was bleaching he immediately gave his reply .
ice_prince_on_plane ice_prince_on_plane1 ice_prince_on_plane2


  1. anyone whose knuckles,elbows,kneecaps,and other joints,are darker than the rest of the body,face hands etc
    is a bleacher,and shame to all those,who engage in such practices.They are suffering from the worst form of inferiority complex,and as such are a disgrace to our race.The socalled white race is spending billions of dollars on
    suntanning lotions and sunbathing,if their color was so great why want to darken their skin color calling it tanning.some of our people are so stupid to follow blindly.I have no regards for such want to turn green by all means do .but remember every action has an equal and opposite reaction.A word is sufficient forthe wise


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