Ludacris also fathers a child with a woman that is not his Fiancee


What is wrong with these men, don’t they use condoms? DWade is not the only male celeb to father a child while in a longtime relationship, rapper Ludacris also did.

Ludacris, who is engaged to longtime girlfriend Eudoxie (pictured with him above), just welcomed a daughter with an Atlanta groupie named Tamika Fuller.

According to TMZ, Ludacris just filed court docs to legally establish paternity for Cai Bella Bridges, born Dec. 9th, and to set a limit on the amount of child support that can be awarded to his baby mama

Ludacris is claiming he earns only $25,842.41 a month which would limit child support to $1,754.66 a month under Georgia law. What about his Fast Five pay cheque? Don’t lie, Luda!