National Assembly Considering Ban On Importation Of Generators

The National Assembly has disclosed that it is mulling over enacting legislative measures to safeguard the growth of Nigeria’s nascent liberalised power sector.

The National Assembly Thursday, also expressed worry over incessant vandalisation of key pipelines that convey gas to thermal power stations in the country.

This came just as the Ministry of Power announced the approval of President Goodluck Jonathan for the constitution of a hybrid National Council on Power, made up of high profile representatives from the three tiers of government; federal, state and local governments in Nigeria to work out shared challenges in the country’s power sector.

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Power, Senator Philip Aduda stated the national assembly’s displeasure with developments in the gas-to-power segment of the country’s power sector. He noted that such legislative measures may include a ban on importation of generating sets into the country.

If the lawmakers ban the importation of generating sets, it may restore confidence in Nigerians on the government’s commitment to ensure improved power supply in the country. Many are already of the opinion that big powers behind major importation of generating sets are the ones sabotaging the government’s efforts or good intentions towards improved power supply in the country.


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