Nigerians Will Soon See That We’ve No Competition In Nigeria – PDP

pdp.jpgThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said its foundation, ideological background, manifesto, constitution, and sustained patriotic leadership were the basis for its national outlook and uncompromising commitment to social justice, unity of the country, and the Nigerian project.

The ruling party in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh on Saturday said, “This elucidates why the PDP, despite its challenges, has continued to fight for the national interest which remains superior to personal or group interests at all times”.

The party said its ideological background could be seen in why it remained the foremost democratic political organisation in Nigeria with internal mechanisms that guaranteed enough space for all citizens to put forward their views, interests and aspirations within the ambit of the wider national interest.

“In the next few months, it will be clear to all that the PDP indeed has no competition. Unlike some political organisations which are established purely to advance the lust for power and greed of their leaders, the PDP was formed by credible and patriotic Nigerians, solely committed to selfless service and entrenchment of democracy; the unity of the nation as well as the welfare and prosperity of the people irrespective of ethnic and religious affiliations”, the statement said.

Shedding more light on what separates the PDP from other political parties, the ruling party said the visions of its founding fathers which were based on the principles of social justice, equity and internal democracy had continued to play out in the selection of its leaders and candidates for elections at all levels since inception.

It stressed that this was completely the opposite in some parties where, in utter disregard for democratic principles and views of their members, “despotic individuals” appropriated leadership positions to themselves and their stooges.

The PDP said the list of its national officers and leaders in addition to the distribution of political offices since inception showed its respect for all sections and persuasions across the country as well as its unflinching commitment to national integration, power balance and harmonious co-existence.

It noted that its key officials were chosen from the country’s various political zones and irrespective of religious affiliation. The party added that the same non-partisanship was exhibited in the selection of political office holders starting with the President, the Vice President down to the leadership of the National Assembly.

Assuring that it will never compromise its commitment towards social justice and provision of level playing ground for all, the ruling party enjoined its members and supporters across the country to continue to be steadfast; assuring that it remains the pre-eminent party despite its challenges and will have no competition in 2015.

It promised that in the next few months, Nigerians will begin to experience an explosion of dividends from the various projects initiated and rigorously pursued by the PDP-led Federal Government in line with the Transformation Agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.


  1. my brther u don,t need to tell them,because everybody know that foundation of PDP was laid when nigeria was at peace and unity and everybody embraced it,s arrival so today angwhere u go in nig and eventually talk about politics they will tell u they menbers of PDP that is how u can identify a national party in all these so called opposition parties in nigeria are not democrat but regional parties due to characters that formed those party ,and if i may ask which party party do we think can compit with PDP ?1 buhari is a trouble maker 2 yoruba people are unstable 3 some of the pdp governors that defected to them are our enemies who never belive in due process but were over ambicious since we know them,or can you call a party that angtime u win them in election they sue u to court for wining,-a democrat? instead of congratulate their opponet as PDP does in several ocassions my candid advise goes to our brother rotimy amaechi to have some rethink