SEE More of Rev. Chris Okotie Luxury Rides (PHOTOS)

As previously reported, the Household of God Head Pastor acquired a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Range Rover Autobiography.

He said he bought these cars to celebrate 27 years as a pastor and 30 years as a born again Christian.

More photos have emerged from Rev. Chris Okotie’s garage. See all of them below, as captured by the Encomium magazine:
okotie_rover okotie_rover3 okotie_rover5 okotie_rover6


  • .. every man is the spirit of everything that he desires.when he was not a born again,the lust of materiel things were his burning desires.A challenge between HIM and the outlaw satan.Finally,he turned born again and moved further on to be a reverend(who ordained him under which criterium ) and has shown how rich one can be with the work of not criticizing him but explaining why it should not be too strange for all.No one knows how many worms are in a fish or meat til it get spoiled or decayed.God is watching us all and we shall all account for the work we did here. In front of HIM there is no Reverend or etc.Peace be to all who believe in HIM that died to save us.

  • God blesses u when u do his will,… All d men of God prospered and were rich so I dont see why this is an issue…. If he wasnt giving to the poor or was concerned with money and fame then this may be an issue… Ive watched this man and i.must say hes the only true man of God who aint scared to say the truth.. When tb joshua n oyakhilomes spiritual backslide happened he was d only one to talk..with catholics honouring mary more than christ himself he came out wit d spiritual implication, which any real christian knows the making himself available in contesting for the leadership of this country, he said God told him he should go ahead.. But if d people of God dont vote him how would he win..we pray for a God fearin leader and yet we prefer to vote thieves cos we dont like him for being outspoken..his church is d only church thAt gives to any human who has bin kind or resourceful to the community wether ure a muslim or atheist thru d karis award how much more do u want to show ur neighbour that christ does not segregate.. His seperation from 1st wife was her decision because she wanted to leave..and they still talk..the second narriage had its issues, hence her silence and that is not a criteria to say hes the problem..all he says are backed by d scriptures as defence and I rely on dat as a real xtian..not someone tellin me masturbation is not a sin or mary is to be revered or prayed to to get to which bible?? So if u got problems wit his cars which scripture denounces that? I pray God let us see the word in its true meaning. Amen.. By d not here to speak of okoti or wats his name im here to let us study d bible ourselves and pray for wisdom and understansing n listen less to societal crap..

  • @troy. It’s not about pointing fingers it’s about the truth, the best of MOG are still human so occasionally they make mistakes. Really this is not the best way to show how blessed we are, for me this is PURE VANITY on display. The man is blessed, I don’t know how many cars he has sown as a seed but even at that what i am see is not CHRIST LIKE in action.

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