Woman Finds Python In Secondhand Sofa


Now here’s a story guaranteed to make you squirm.

A woman in Michigan recently got the surprise of her life when she discovered a large reptile coiled in the folds of her couch.

According to ABC News, Grand Rapids resident Holly Wright made the shocking find over the weekend, when she spotted a large snake slithering around in a secondhand couch she had picked up.

“I picked this couch up off the street and it’s been in my bedroom for a couple months, and today we found a python inside the couch,” Holly Wright said in a video obtained by ABC News’ Grand Rapids affiliate WZZM-TV.

Wright said she had cleaned the couch when she brought it home and never noticed the stowaway snake. She believes the reptile’s appetite is what prompted it to come out of hiding.

“It didn’t really react or hiss … It was quite cold in the room, there was no food for the snake and I think it came out of the couch because it was dying,” she said.

Wright may be right, as the python did die before she was able to get help for it.

“It’s been really sad actually to realize all this time I was in proximity to that animal [and it] was probably suffering,” she told WZZM.

The snake received a proper burial and the couch got kicked back to the curb, along with a written warning — “Do Not Pick Up.”


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