Exposed :: Port Harcourt Gospel Artiste’s Hidden Runs Business Exposed (25+ Only)

phgosplartistAccording to The source


This Port Harcourt gospel singer who usually  acts all prim and proper but on the inside, she’s a well known notorious runs babes and her clients are always Ogas on the top, from senators to Governors and Oil Money boys.

A friend of hers who felt “She’s Done too much” decided to disgrace her by sending in the nu_de photos she usually sends to her clients. Ladies should learn from this and refrain from keeping private pictures on the phone. ..
See  below to see her n*de photos,  25+ only!!!
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  1. Its not right for you to help the friend on her avenging-angel mission. If she has a grudge with the artist let her confront her friend herself not send her friend’s nude pix to bloggers to be posted online.
    I dont know the artist and I am not concerned about the matter. Its best you too stay off it.
    You should be ashamed you could do this to a stranger over a matter that you know nothing about.

  2. The end time indeed! Why should this kind of photo be allowed on the internet? Who takes the picture? What does the lady want from such a useless photo? Who will marry her? This kind of photo shouldn’t be allowed on the internet anymore. Let the reasonable people join hands together and fight this kind of earth destruction

  3. Our media system is really wack. Ψђåt on earth do γφυ gain 4rm uploading such α pix like this on de net? γφυ also encourage dis useless η jobless peeps who αℓℓ they do is spoil other pple’s reputation. Besides, ℓ̊ don’t think dis lady is α gospel artiste like γφυ claim. Pls take dis rubbish off de net.

  4. It has been revealed that the pix were actually posted by an angry boyfriend who did not want to let the girl go. He is said to be doctor working with the commissioner for health in Rivers State. It was reported that he promised to ruin the girl. Shameless he-goat.

  5. There are more to this story. Please investigate well becos is easier to spoil damage some bodies image bt very difficult to build it. Even if is wat she is doing there are many other ways to correct her other than dis. Remember don’t judge so dat u won’t be judge. Everybody in dis life ve to be very careful especially with d pple u call friends. And if u re doin bad pls change from ur evil deeds.

  6. If Ȋ̝̊̅t Ȋ̝̊̅s true dat Ȋ̝̊̅t was her friend dat sent these kind of pictures to u̶̲̥̅̊ guys to expose her,God will judge dat her friend.She will face †ђξ concequences by God’s grace.What a wicked unfriendly friend

  7. The true story is out now. A medical doctor associated with RCA is the brain behind the pictures. He first posted them a few years back to blackmail the young lady who refused to marry him when she found out he was already married to a lady who was in SA. He threatened to publish these pix if she refused to be his mistress. He carried out his threat. The matter was reported to the state commissioner for health who called and warned him to remove the pix from the internet. In less than two hours he wiped them off. Feeling humilated, he has started distributing the nude pix once again. The last may not have been heard this story as this medical doctor of Ikwerre origin in Rivers state might lose his licence as well as a libel and deformation suits will follow. The lady has vowed to follow the matter to its logical conclusion. Her entire family and especially her retired military officer father is behind her. This might as well mark the beginning of the end of some heartless men.