FG Under Pressure To Re-open Negotiations With Boko Haram

Boko Haram emir Abubakar Shekau makes his first major video appearance

Indications have emerged that the Federal Government may be under pressure to open fresh negotiations with outlawed sect Boko Haram, following renewed attacks by members of the sect.

Sources revealed to Vanguard that the pressure was being mounted on the Presidency by diplomats from the European Union and America, who felt that it was too early for the Nigerian government to discontinue with dialogue with the sect, which the U.S has labelled a terrorist organisation.

A top source in the Presidency confirmed the mounting pressure from the international community on the Federal Government to open fresh talks with the sect in a bid to end the cycle of violence that had claimed many lives and property in country.

“It is true that there is renewed pressure on the Federal Government for it to reopen negotiations with the sect.

“The international community is keen on fresh negotiation because they do not believe the government should back out at his time” the source said.

The source, who did not want to be quoted, said however, that the government was feeling reluctant to go back to the negotiation table when its initial offer of amnesty was largely rebuffed by the terrorists.


  1. No how Boko Haram will end. Because Most of Army, Navy, Air force officer they are eating soldiers little, little allowance which Federal government has given them to given the soldiers
    Imaging a junior Army officer Lt S ADEOJO at sector 6 Jos. #1500 was giving to Arreesent to buy a meal for soldiers per week, He go openly collect the money, Buy meal of #500 and pocket #1000. Telling soldier they should do there worse
    No how no now is making #150000 every week apart of his allowance. All soldier new about it. thesame thing happening at Maiduguri , tell me in this case what did u expect soldier to do? To fight Boko haram? No
    I advice Federal government to do something about it if not Book Haram will always succe