Ghanian Bootilicious Vixen, Matilda Hipsy, is a high Class GROUPIE!


hipsyyOk guys, this gist was sent in by one of her friends who felt her own don too much. Contrary to what has been going round town that this babe is a video vixen/model, it’s a big fat lie! Maltilda is a groupie! Most of her clients are big and known stars, she goes round town sleeping with big guys, the model ish is what she uses to disguise her true profession. The anonymous lady even went as far as mentioning names of top Nigerian artist who had flown Maltida to Nigeria just to have a taste of her waist! Hmmn, but I won’t mention names (I no want trouble) but let me give you clues, then you do the decoding yourself, one of her numerous top notch client is a Nigerian top artist who was recently in the news for romancing a top nollywood actress, now you decode. She even sent in some pictures and told me to check them out that most of her pictures are taken in five star hotels, lol this lady mean business oh,