PHOTOS: Women Looking For Husbands Storm Winners Chapel In Wedding Gowns

The pastor of a branch of Winners Chapel in Enugu during a church service asked all the single women to wear wedding dresses to church if they want to get married this year.

The following week, single women stormed the church service in wedding dresses.


A reader who attended the service said it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen and many people had a good laugh.

The women were asked to sit in front and receive special prayers with seed sowing involved. Bridal houses came to church that day and rented wedding dresses to women.



  1. Ά ‎​Wîℓℓ work for Ɣōϋ αℓℓ amen,bt remember ๏๏ dat dis wedding dresses shud b put on twice hmmm bt sha na only God knw ooo if Ɣōϋ beliv I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ursef nd God Ɣōϋ dnt need any1 to say Ɣōϋ must put on †ђ3 dress as ticket dat can make you get a husband…THUS †ђ3 ℓ๏яď say ask nd ℓ̊ shall grant unto thee.Believe I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ his word nd ursef.

  2. Need a wife too. Maybe the message is for me cus am seriously seaching so just help out by giving me their details. My no is 08137221606Need a wife too. Maybe the message is for me cus am seriously seaching so just help out by giving me their details.

  3. The story is Very Fake as it is told;However, to make such story believeable by we the readers that Story should be made more detailed and basic facts and scenarios,location and figure clearly named to add trueness to this near media sensationalism. Lest we doubt all their works all the thomas……. The make us be.


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  5. Sometimes we do classify God as humans. Come on this is not part of the practice of Christianity and i knew that the pastor just use that as a format and collect their money and interest. Nigerian Pastors practice Christianity for money and popularity when they don’t even know the word christian and the bible they carry given to us by the white people.

    • @dodo, it isnt fake and you are wrong to say that the pastors are using it as a medium to make money. Its a step of great faith. As many that believe will get their miracle. If you pastor a church that 80% of the females or spinsters are crossing 30 without a spouse, you will do more than this. So, it willl help their faith and make them believe more on what God will do. May God bles the pastor and provide for these people their spouse in Jesus name.

    • please the white were use as tools in the hand of God which was never easy task for them , the were executed for just interpreting the bible into the English language and other languages other than Latin .in that premise the Bible is God Word not the white Word thank.

  6. i pray by d anoiting of almighty father that has never denail his own people before,that step of faith that u have taking i pray this year is ur year of weeding celebration in thy mighty name of our lord jesus.(john 14 vs 14). the prophecy of marriage will come to pass on ur life this year IJN. Amen.

  7. nakedness, pretense, worldliness etc can’t give husband ,but a virtuous woman who embraces GODLINESS will be in their father houses and shall have GOD sent husband. Mind you marriage is not for all why are they sowing seed can you prove that BIBLICALLY merchandised in the name of worship

  8. Hmmmmm! The Scripture says, He that looks for a wife not she that looks for a husband. Let that Pastor get ready to do a reckoning of the percentage of the women that gets married out of the lot that came with their gown and sowed the seed. Of course we should prepare our mind for the answer that those didn’t get married do not have enough faith. We should also ask, where are the single men in the church? Don’t they have wedding suits also; do they not have to so seed also? One thing I am sure of, GOD NEVER SPOKE TO THAT PASTOR!!!

    • Ayo, I very much agree with you. It would have been men wearing suits not ladies wearing gown so that the scripture can be fulfilled. He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from God. The pastor should have asked both men and women wear wedding atire and come out and pray for them. Must they sow seed? Freely have you received freely shall you give (Mat 10: 8). May God help us all and pray that the faith of those ladies will not be in vain.

  9. I don’t know there age anyway but I think they aren’t too old to get married cus with that dislay by them shows lots of desperation which I think its not good for marriage. When its time it will come.

  10. I bet U̶̲̥̅̊ guyz hav said it all.but 4rm ♍ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ own point of view,it was’nt neccesary at all.”He dat finds a wife”not d oda way round..but then again faith does d impossible.all I task those Girls,is 4dem 2apply wisdom wen it comes 2settlin down,nd. Not being 2desperate.cos d same word of God said surely there is an appointed tym,nd d expectation of d righteous sha not(neva)b cut off.#God bless dere hustle