Pray More For The Country, Jonathan Urges Nigerians


Nigerians have been urged to continue to pray for the peace, stability and unity of the country.

Speaking at the enthronement of the Most Rev. Oche Job, as the Methodist Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, President Goodluck Jonathan who was represented by Prof. Chinedu Nebo, the Minister of Power, noted that the situation in the country would have gone worse were it not for payers.

“We should continue to serve God in our nation. We need to continue to cry out (pray) to him; if we have not been doing that it will be much worse.

“Even though things don’t seem to be the best, it will have been worse if we are not crying out and telling people not to do the wrong thing,” he said.

Also speaking at the service, Senate President, Sen. David Mark, who read the first lesson at the service, also called on Nigerians to be faithful and continue to pray for the nation.

“All the faiths have stake in this country. Faith can do so much for us; if we have faith and believe in God sincerely, this country will make progress.

“There is no country that can make progress if the people in that country do not have faith irrespective of religion,” Mark said.

He urged both Christians and Muslims to live in harmony and work together for the progress and stability of the country.

Speaking earlier, the Prelate of the church, His Eminence, Dr Samuel Uche, called on government at various levels to provide for the welfare of the citizenry.

“In any nation, there is what we called intangibles, honesty, integrity, transparency, high morality that makes a country stable; these are what the church provides.

“The government provides the tangibles like the roads, water supply, energy, employment, ensure there is security and make sure that citizenry are well cared for.

“In other words, the church takes care of the soul and spirit, while the government takes care of the physical needs of the people,’’ he said.


  1. mr president act like a real man and stop making unwanting statement no amount of prayer will save this country because it has gone beyond repaire mind u that GOD is not interested in injustice so u don.t expect him to anwser a prayer in the means of injustice since we all know that muslems are devils they can.t repent neither will they call evil as evil so if u want peace for us all kindly tell ur fellow greedy men to accept the option of disintergration because the anger of GOD is about fall unpon some politians and the church leaders for not have done the right thing,since u guys do not know that christian and muslem are not thesame even in faith just as GOD and satan can never be one my point is that the amalgamation in1914 is not the will of GOD even if u marry a woman that is not not ur wive to be u keep having problem and that is our faith today in this country ,we should go our seprate ways instead of been togather and be sheding our blood for no just reason a word is enogh for the wise GOD is great.

  2. Mr. President God is not a one-sided God, He cares for all, that’s while the Sun can shine on every living thing. Are u not aware of the fire outbreak that took place in port Harcourt mine 1 market last year Dec? What was ur responds? You donated 250million to victims of this same incidence in sokoto last week, and yet, you want God to intervene in our problems. I dout, shall God is merciful He can do. But this is not right, we’re all Nigerians and we deserve to be treated equally. Despite the misunderstanding you may have with a single person not the sate at large. If peace is to keep shut in the face of evil, then I’m not part of such peace, do the right thing which you know at the right time. God Bless You and Nigerians.