2015: Eket Senatorial District Supposed To Produce Next A/Ibom Gov But… – Akpabio

AkpabioGovernor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State on Monday said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will decide if the 2015 governorship election in the state will be open to all the aspirants from the three senatorial districts.

Akpabio spoke in response to a question posed by Senator Effiong Bob, who sought to know where Uyo Senatorial District belonged in the 2015 power equation.

He described Uyo, the state capital, as a special senatorial district.

The governor spoke during the on-going town hall meeting of the Etinan Federal Constituency in Etinan council of the state.


The governor argued that if Uyo Senatorial District does not contest in the primaries of the ruling PDP, it will contest on the platform of the opposition party.

Akpabio said: “In 2015, if PDP were to speak in clear conscience, it can no longer say that two senatorial districts are going to contest. By 1999 till 2015, two senatorial districts have tasted power.

“Uyo Senatorial District under former Governor Victor Attah. Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district under Governor Godswill Akpabio. The only senatorial district left is Eket Senatorial District, therefore the party will speak.

“If the party wants to open it up for the three senatorial districts so be it. Even in 2007 it was still open to the whole state. The main opposition that I had was from Uyo. Uyo is very enlightened. It is the capital of Akwa Ibom.

“Even if we go 2015, if the candidate of the state is not from Uyo senatorial district, the next person from the opposition will be from Uyo. I hope you know that. Uyo cannot fail to contest election. It is a fact. This one that Senator Effiong Bob is asking where is Uyo, Uyo knows that it will contest election.

“Whether you like it or not Uyo will contest. If Uyo does not contest the primaries of the PDP, Uyo will contest in the opposition. Even the opposition leader if we had any today, is he not from Uyo? The reality is that Uyo is too important and nobody can ignore Uyo. Uyo will never be left out of government. At what stage can you leave Uyo out?”

Akpabio, who is Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum, explained that after the town hall meeting, the stakeholders and elders of the state will sit and decide on how to zone positions.

His words: “After this town hall meeting, the next thing we will do is to sit down as stakeholders and elders and attempt to zone positions so that when we bring it out you will know that if this person takes governorship, another person takes deputy governor.

“Those who are going to be aspirants must sign the MoU that this sharing formula approved by the circus of our party is what they will adhere to then immediately after that we will make our pronouncement”.



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