2015: Kumuyi Urges Nigerians To Vote For Credible Candidates

kumuyi-360x225The General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, has tasked Nigerians on the need to vote for credible candidates in the 2015 general elections.

Kumuyi made the appeal in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital, during the ministry’s two-day crusade, which took place on Friday and Saturday in Yenagoa.

The soft-spoken preacher noted that political sovereignty belonged to the people.  He therefore asked Nigerians not to vote based on sentimental reasons but for people that could deliver on the dividends of democracy and good governance.

Kumuyi said, “Concerning the coming elections, we (Nigerians) can say that only credible candidates show up for the election. The political power is in the hands of the people. It is for the people to vote for credible people who can rule the country well and not those with selfish motives.

“I urge Nigerians to vote for the right people. I believe that when we are able to vote for the right and proper people, we will together lift up the country”.

On the insecurity in Nigeria, Kumuyi said there would be a return of peace in spite of the myriad of challenges confronting the country.

He said no country in the world is without its own challenges. However, he assured Nigerians that with unity of purpose and prayer, the country would overcome her challenges.

Consequently, he urged Nigerians to turn to God in prayers and not despair, saying that he was confident God would soon solve those challenges.

He said, “Obviously, Nigeria as a country has challenges. Some might call them problems, but I prefer to call them challenges. And we as a nation should not give up in looking unto God. I believe that God will help to solve those challenges even in our own time.

“What I can say is that God is on the throne. I believe that before long, we would more security, peace and prosperity in the country more than we have seen before”.

The cleric also urged the people of Bayelsa to live in peace with one another and eschew divisive tendencies that would not promote socio-economic and political growth.

“What I will say to the people of Bayelsa is that they should let peace reign. Live and let others live. If we understand that without other people, our lives cannot be complete”.