Boko Haram: Jonathan Should Forego His 2015 Ambition In The Interest Of Peace, Stability, Says Ex-NDP Chair

jonathan_2015President Goodluck Jonathan has been advised by former chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Prince Chudi Chukwuani to shelve his 2015 ambition in the interest of peace and political stability of the country.

Chukwuani, who made this known yesterday in Abuja while speaking with journalists, argued that the renewed face-off between security forces and the Boko Haram insurgents in the North East region may have been compounded by the president’s perceived interest in running for a second term.

According to the ex-NDP chair, if he were in Jonathan’s shoes, “I will concentrate on providing good leadership for the people. Remember it is lack of good leadership that brought up the insurgency in the first place”.

He stated that any case of instability in a country is the responsibility of its leadership to bring the situation under control.

He also described the forthcoming national conference as illegal, saying it was the least of the nation’s problems.

“The conference has no foundation in law and in our constitution; it will be of no use to Nigerian democratic structure”, he said.


  1. Wel said, l believe dat wat is happenin in north east if it were in south south or south east u would have throw jonath out of presidancy long before nw! Pls let’s kip sentiment aside and face reality and be our brothers kiper.

  2. Politicians will always have 1 or 2 reasons to blackmail or stab one another, dis guy should come up with a better reason for oga jona not contesting,or his he 1 of patriot of boko haram disturbing d nation and wanting 2 use such issue against jona

  3. How could a healthy person reason like an animal? Because north does not like Jonathan, he should proceed back to his mothers womb. If you have nothing to say mr party chairman, close your and remain mute. Teacher please don’t teach us non sence.

  4. Have this man considered egbesu boys and d oil pipelines as well as what will happen to the people in NDDC states . If Jonathan is d problem i advice he step down so that we go our seperate ways. Jonathan is doing a lot to put the yester-years shits right. Boko men are angry with their leaders in the North Who has ruled for many years yet with nothing to show for it.

  5. @ Barrack osama, if he want to make his unsolicited opinion known he should go to his constituency to advice his LGA chairman appropriate. There is nothing like pro-Jonathan here, but we have patriotic Nigerians who prefer the good leadership of GEJ. If I may speak, Prince Chudi Chukwuani should be investigated by the SSS for the indirect support of the Boko men by his comments. He is not occupying any political office and thus have no immunity.