BUSTED: Five Gay Men Arrested In Delta State [Rated 18+]

Gay Man Paraded Naked in Warri, Delta State

Five homos*xuals were apprehended and stripped nak*d on, Monday March 24, at the Ekurede Urhobo axis in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.
According to report, a popular guy identified only as GP invited his gay lover that came all the way from ovie palace road, Effurun in Delta State. GP met this fair and handsome gay lover through another gay man that lives around ekurede urhobo street popularly known as Power. On the faithful evening GP was in his house with this gay importee and some other of his friends whom are not gay. GP then told his friends who are not gay to excuse him and his visitor in order for them to discuss serious matters.
GP’s friends now left leaving him and his visitor alone but unfortunately one of the departed friends returned to GP’s house having forgotten his house key but beyond his wildest dreams, he saw GP and his visitor doing some ‘sucking things’. He then interrupted them the scene, seized GP visitors phones and laptop and threatened to expose them. GP and his visitor pleaded and GP’s visitor promised to offer him 30,000 Naira the following day before left.
GP’s friend then returned the valuables he collected from his visitor instructing him not to release them until he gets the 30,000 naira. GP’s visitor now went to his area and brought a group of young men who then stormed GP’s area and reported the matter to ekurede urhobo community chairman Chief Vincent Okudolor claiming that GP’s friend stole his phones and laptop and other valuables.
This prompted the interrogation of GP’s friend who caught them in the act. During his interrogation, the young man could not keep anything hidden anymore and then narrated his ordeal and because he had returned the valuables he collected to GP before he was captured,this made it all clear that he didn’t steal them.
The chairman who was shocked over the news, sent his boys to get GP and his other gay friends.
Six of them including GP and his visitor were apprehended and taken to the community town hall and others scampered. Five of them were stripped naked and flogged in the presence of a large crowd but GP’s visitor bought his way out by paying huge amount to Ekurede community youths.
The remaining 5 were given an option of paying a fine of N100,000 which included being paraded around the community with a ‘gay’ inscription tag on them, or risk being submitted to the police, charged to court and risk 14 years imprisonment.

homosexuals caught in Warri, Delta State



  2. This is the WORST reporting I’ve seen in my life. Who wrote this? A primary three student? My God this is horrible. The grammer and arrangement of words is plain useless. The writer should be caught, flogged and locked up. Complete garbage reporting.

  3. Lwkm oooooo hahahahahaha ” sex machine” abeg u guys shuld stop being funy na hahahahahahhaha. Well, for the gay, i suggest they are sent to jail ( krikri).

  4. GP should bring out kelvin david and others becos they are gays , the need to be arrested .kelvin david is a popular gay in agbor delta state.which the police is looking for as at now


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