I Love My Online Boyfriend But Should I Pursue The Relationship? [Advice Needed]

The Internet and its progressive innovations have opened up doors for us to meet other people online. However, can we call an online relationship a real and satisfying one? How well do we get to know a person on the other side of the computer screen?

online love

My boyfriend and I met online through one of the social networks almost a year ago. I fell in love with him, but we have only met in person once.

I love him, but we would always have issues due to one thing or another. For instance, he never calls or texts me, but I do this instead even when I don’t have money.

I say I love him, but my common sense tells me that he is not what I think it is. It is painful to me.

What should I do? Should I continue the relationship, or insist on more face-to-face meetings, or should we call it quits and let each other go? I need your help.

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