Must Read: “A Letter To God” By Charly Boy



Charly Boy has recently been known for his constant random open letters, but this time, he writes one to God.

Read it below: –

Dear God,

I had to muster a ‘lotta’ courage to write you this letter, please don’t get pissed with me, because there is no way on Earth that I can stand your vex, as one of your authentic sons.

First of all, I ‘wanna’ thank you for all thou have given me, beautiful children, a beautiful and soulful wife, a family filled with love, Mum and Dad, nice motor bikes, belief in Self. But most importantly that gift, the ability to shift gears when the context calls for it and being able to generate and evaluate several different options in order to respond effectively to any situation, adjusting to any condition that I face instead of struggling with the way things are. Thank you God for all your mercies, but shey you also know
that I have worked hard for all that I have today, with the talent you blessed me with. In short BABA, you built me for the Nigerian roads, no shaking, who born dem.


There are so many things that confuse me about you which brings me to the real reason why I’m writing to you. But I guess you already saw this coming, no be you, Alfa and omega.

(1). When I hear some people say that Christianity is the only true religion approved by you, I get a bit confused. What happens to the rest of the people who do not belong to that religion? Will you send them to hell? Why should they suffer if they were raised in an
area which did not expose them to the “one true religion”? For example, there are about 1.2 billion Catholics. What happens to the 5.6 billion people who are not Catholic? What happened to the people who died prior to the organized religion or the concept of YOU, default to eternal damnation? Why is it acceptable to join a religion that was acreated by a single man?
For example, King Henry created the Church of England. How do we know if YOU sent them or if it meets your approval, this religion? How do we know that any religion is approved by your person? Too much confusion, waliiitaliii.
Why is it acceptable for religions to evolve? Various religions have changed over time due to cultural pressures – how do we know these changes are “authorized” by YOU….

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