NOT AGAIN!!! UNILAG Girl Runs Mad In Broad Day Light… (SEE PHOTO)

viewerThe information available to me on this issue allegedly claimed that the girl pictured above is a student of the prestigious UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS. The lady whose name is undisclosed, reportedly started some public display of madness in FESTAC area of Lagos state. She was said to have come on a visit to an unidentified guy who lives in the area. And some unidentified men came to take her away not quite long she started the broad day light display of lunacy.


  1. Let d management of these page learn lesson from those comments dat insinuate people’s skepticism on their so called news uploads.
    U people can’t keep using captivating pictures to convey ur fabricated informations thinking dat people would be fooled all day because d trust is no longer there!
    U guys had better watch it!!

  2. Sex Sex sex all de way, I don’t know what de world is turning into,just last week a friend of mine whom I ran into through these social media network(facebook)promised to give me the real sex(fuck)of my life if I would come down to her area at egbeda all because she’s going back to school.the question is this, what if am a ritualist or a kidnapper,hmmm my people de way girls of this century looks for easy virture is totally intense.

  3. Can an official/representative of this site comment, clearing the claims of the first few people who commented, so that we can atleast know how genuine your source is. I don’t play with the contents I post on my blog. Do you play with your own?