Robot Plays Table Tennis Against World Champion, Guess Who Wins


It was man versus machine when world table tennis champion Timo Boll was pitted against his strongest challenger – a ROBOT.

German ping pong legend Timo has won several world and European accolades but none could prepare him for the rise of the machines.

Timo has been voted German sportsman of the year several times but it’s in China where he is most celebrated for his table tennis mastery.

So when Robot firm Kuka decided to open a factory in Shanghai he was a natural ambassador for the firm, and the grand opening was celebrated with him being pitted against a Kuka robot.

The teaser for the match went viral with over a million views as the dramatic match played out with all the action of a Rocky movie.

And the match itself was just as scripted as Balboa-Drago but with a little help from CGI, Timo emerges victorious by a narrow 11-9 score.

The moral of the story being Kuka may not be the best at ping pong but they are the best at making robots.

When it’s not pelting little plastic balls, the KR Agilus robot, known to boffins by the Terminator-like codename KR 6 R900 SIXX is normally used for picking and packing because of the dexterity of its arms.

Timo said: “Wherever I go, people talk to me and bring up the movie. The campaign is more than just fun; it promotes the sport of table tennis worldwide.”