Abuja Blast: Obama Condemns ‘Senseless’ Bombing

Obama angry

The United States on Monday condemned a bomb attack on a packed bus station in Nigeria which killed 71 people, and called for a full investigation.

“We are outraged by this senseless act of violence against innocent civilians,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters, also condemning a series of attacks on three villages in Borno State over the weekend.

The bomb, which also injured 124 people, rocked the Nyanya station on Abuja’s southern outskirts as it was filled with morning commuters, leaving body parts scattered across the terminal and destroying dozens of vehicles.

President Goodluck Jonathan blamed Boko Haram militants for the attack, but Psaki called for a “full investigation to identify and bring justice to the perpetrators of these attacks.”

“We continue to stand with the Nigerian government and people as they grapple with violent extremism,” she added. [AFP]


  1. Before it use to be a sect or some idiot claiming responsibility for a bomb in advance country which nigeria claim to be one…… when will Jonathan and his corrupt element stop killing us and using us for sacrifice…… What a pity…… President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan is a minor and will always be a minor….. You did not inherit terrorism but wanna use it as yardstick to back your failure…… You are a total failure from the onset….. What are you proofing…… Idiot of the highest order ……..

  2. stop playing games with our lives Obama is not going to help you. Obama said two things at a time.first he blamed bokoharam for d attaks when obviously no claim from the said group yet.Obama said the will investigate.my question is what will they investigate since d know its bokoharam?am smalling a game of politics wt human lives here but God is watching ALL.PDP says its APC.USA are saying its bokoharam.Christians would say its muslims.Muslims would say its goodluck jonathan.can we all see the game we are playing wt human lives?why cant we all come together n reason together so we can know the root n course of this problem.a problem known is half solved.when an attak was carried on d US building on sep.11.d US knew it was from afghanistan n it was bokoharam but why is ous so deferent?pls.lets think.am a christian but you cant convinced me that ALL terorist are muslims that is a lie to its highest.is not even time for us to start puting blames.lets try n look for solution than shifting fingers.if we a wise we will think.soon anather will hapen then d espect us to act d same way.d are inhuman dont forget d have sold their souls to d devil.until we come out with one voice how would they stop?

  3. I really feel sorry for some Nigerians, how can we be grieving yet somebody is busy here advertising a piece of land for sale? Such a pity. May God grant the souls of the departed eternal rest,Amen.

  4. U dnt hav 2 blame johnatan 4 dis,though dis startd durin johnatan tenure,d boko haram insurgency is 2 destroy johantan led government nd dey r bin sponsored by d famous n d wealthy,karma wil catch dem soon.

  5. It started during his tenure,though its bn since,and they want to frustrate his gov.what I find diff.to understand abt d shoeless idiot is his craving for 2nd term,does he nt want peace in ds nation,if during his 1st term,pple are bombed like ds,i wonder how many pple will remain if he eventually goes for 2nd term!

  6. Nigerian let us reason like civilized people. Let us speak in one voice and pray to our creator about all these. Even if we put military men in every street of Nigeria without the cooperation of we the masses, , it won’t work. God help us.

  7. They went out looking for their daily bread.
    Dressed and suit up, they said to their families see you when I get back from work, they didnt know that was their last and bye bye for ever.
    People were roasted as common chickens. Human pieces where scattered everywhere in the streets.
    Many families right now crying for their loved ones.
    Some heads where found without bodies while some bodies where found without heads.
    Many can’t identify their loved ones bodies.
    Oh! what a wicked world we live in.
    May their souls rest in peace and those who have hands in this evil never see peace in their lives.

  8. Nigerians need to know 1 thing for sure that no body will help us out of these mess we found ourselves. The present Sultan of Sokoto’s the first oof his kindred to condemn this dastardly act of inhumanity, where were the others? 1stly the government must put a penal measure in place against anybody that preaches against the right of others who wish to practice his or her religion legitimately. We the citizens also, must act now, it wouldn’t have been anywhere in which other regions will feel comfortable over these life-threatening saga, let all that believe in Nigerian dream start the movement now or we shall all be caught helplessly with these gory, let’s save this great nation from those who wish our extinction in the name of whatever rubbish they believe in, GOD bless Nigeria!

  9. Let those who do evil continue doing evil and Let those who do good continue doing good. For we all are gona die someday and we’ll gona face the uncorruptable jugdement and we’ll gone reap what we sow.. But the harder it get the Stronger we become. Jesus Loves us all.

  10. Am tired with d promises from d president, wen its happend he will come up wit one promises or d other wen will dis promises come through? is it wen we are all in our grave? God 4 bid. if he can nt do some tin he shld vacate d office 4 a capable hands God save Nigeria.

  11. most of the people blaming government, it’s either you are also a terrorist or the terrorists are using you against the government!! these set of bad people are the kind of people that don’t want Nigeria to develop. ok!wait!you that is complaining, don’t you know you should take security of lives serious,are you a kid?why don’t you report suspicious things in the environment?you see new faces in your area, you can’t try to investigate!I pity ona for this naija!too much grumbling but empty heads!tufiakwa!

  12. Why can’t we in dis con3 4 once borrow a leaf frm our foreign neighbours? If nigeria should be in Americas or Europe or even asia I bet dey(citizens) would have taken 2 d streets & d govt. Doing wot it oughts 2 do, is Gej trying 2 tell us dat he has no Information as 2 where dis Boko Haram of a group Garners it’s plans & supports? Wit all d Information & Resourses @ his Disposal, if so y cn’t he Roll up his Sleeves & get down 2 work? ie. Getting few fingered people Arrested via an Unprotocoled & maybe sumwot Illegal Means & get dese evil men talking & thereby putting an end 2 dis menace, it’s becoming so much out of control oh! Hmmmmm! GEJ!!! How many Times did I call u if we re all wiped out I wonder who u re going 2 rule come 2015? Wen u might hv won dis ur so called ambition, keep on cruising around wit ur S.A A. Muazu, U go soon hear am! #GEJ’s_CALL.