Confab: Edwin Clark Canvasses Religious Tolerance

confab-delegates1Former Federal Information Commissioner, Chief Edwin Clark on Wednesday at the ongoing National Conference urged adherents of the two prominent religions in the country – Islam and Christianity – to tolerate one another to ensure unity, peace and progress in the country.

The Ijaw national leader made the appeal during the delegates’ discussion of President Goodluck Jonathan’s speech while inaugurating the national conference on March 17.

According to him: “My duty is to appeal to everybody that we should tolerate one another. Nigeria belongs to all of us; no one is superior to the other. Anybody in Nigeria is qualified to hold the highest office.

“Let us accept one another, love one another. Some of us have taken religion so far. Nigeria has been in existence before some of these religions were brought by some people.

“Please, please, the 29 young children that died in Yobe, those who killed them did not differentiate between Muslims and Christians.

“Therefore, let us tolerate one another, I repeat: let us be patriotic, we have no other country to go to”.

The elder statesman urged delegates at the conference to see the assignment as a call to re-launch Nigeria into a country in which every Nigerian would be proud to be identified as a citizen.

“Mr President has said, ‘please come together’. There have been mistakes. He listed them out, that is go and join together to solve them.

“We are not here to say Christians or Muslims. Please I beg you, Nigeria is one; let’s put our heads together so that at the end of it all, when it pleases God to take some of us away then we’ll say we have done the job”.