Kano Rally: Jonathan Under Attack

GEJ-KanoPresident Goodluck Jonathan has been tongue-lashed over his visit to Kano State on Tuesday, where the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, held a colorful rally to officially welcome ex-governor Ibrahim Shekarau to the fold.

Some northern groups while faulting Jonathan’s visit to the state two days after the bomb explosion, which claimed several lives in Nyanya, an Abuja suburb, described it as height of insensitivity and callousness.

Spokesperson for the Northern Elders Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, and Second Republic lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, in separate interviews with Punch, said President Jonathan had no respect for those who lost their lives in the deadly incident.

Abdullahi said it was unfair for the president to have embarked on such journey when the nation was still in a sober mood and mourning Monday morning’s bomb attack.

He said, “This is not the first time. Only recently in Katsina, when several people died, the President went on with his campaign. This is not the first time, it shows how callous the leadership of this country is.

“This is why people are asking so many questions whether they are even concerned about the insecurity that we are in and whether they are really taking serious steps to end it.

“This is really another tragedy which should have kept everybody in their houses or their offices in a remorseful mood and talking about how to prevent future occurrences. What we are seeing is ceremony, rallies and speech making without concern.

“The fact that the President was physically present in Kano shows his level of concern for this tragedy. This big tragedy is a reflection of where we are as a country. Everyday we hear of 50, 100, 200 people dying yet there are rallies going on. I am not surprised that this is the attitude being exhibited by the people at the highest level.

Speaking in the same vein, Junaid said, “The President’s trip to Kano on a political campaign was thoroughly irresponsible.

“It portrays the President as being grossly insensitive and that he cares more about winning or rigging the election in 2015 than the lives that were lost in the capital, a stone throw from where he resides.

“And if this kind of insensitivity and irresponsibility which has characterised his Presidency so far, it shows you that he does not stand a chance of winning elections in the North because this violence happened in Abuja and Abuja happens to be situated in the centre of the North.

“If he cannot be with the people of the North in Abuja, he cannot be with them in the North. As strategic as Kano is, it cannot be more important than the rest of the North”, Junaid fumed.


  1. You intentionally plant those bombs to stop the president from having his official political programmes, that it why you can count how many times you have planted the bombs to disterblize his programmes and now regreting that he still continued his programmes.
    you use human life to stop the presidents programmes and accuse the president of not having human feelings…………………fukking you.

  2. criticism and apportioning blames hear and there on the President without you the northern elders proffering solutions to end the Boko Haram insurgents is not in the best intrest of this country. You the northern elders have not done enough in the fight against the insurgents. You people should know that the President has schedule for his daily activities and i don’t think the President should stop his schedules because of the Boko Haram bombing incident because if he had done that, the Boko Haram insurgents will feel as if they have won in their dastardly acts. I am very sure that Mr President has the people of this country in his heart and equally have sympathy for the victims of the bomb blast and so his attending that political gathering in Kano yesterday is not as bad as some of you the northern elders are want to believe. God bless Nigeria.

  3. These critics are conspicuously the sponsors of Boko Haram. It is clearly obvious that they are using this tactic to disorganize the president. Well, it is only God who gives power and that God is watching…

  4. I am neither pro GEJ nor Anti GEJ but It was not encouraging dat mr president went 4 capaign rally not national assignment. If he had been on d scene as it happened would he do any campaign? Nigerians wake up, our leaders are full of evils.
    May God help dis country.

  5. d president hs done absolutely nothing wrong. When d bomb blast ocured in nyaya d pre visited d place. do u expect him to go out n wage d bullets of boko haram himself? should he continually cancel matters of state to cry 4 boko haram n giv u d edge. No my friend. D northern elders should rather question those wh promised to mk d north ungovernable. they should ask themselves questions now, if nt their children will ask them. Abj would av bn a desert if nt 4 niger delta oil. All tribes were involved in nyaya masacre so u can nt claim to be more pained dan d rest of us. Anyone wh build a monster should be ready to welcome d same monster home. Let d president sing n dance as he wish, it signifies dat d terrorists n their supporters will surely be defeated. Nig wil neva com to a halt, and anything a man sows so shall he reap. dance mr. president, not evryone is against u.

  6. Hmm,some people will die like pigs if they do not stop being bias,religious sentiment and Tribalic…When something happens people do find a means of hiding the truth.Let me ask.Who amongst you like what happened in Abuja? If it were your state or local Govt will you be happy? Don’t you care for others? Mr President to me he is here to distabilize Northern Nigeria,if not why Did he keep quite when some foolish South and West Governors are saying that “If there is Bomb Blast in teir states they will Expose who the sponsorers are and yet because what is Happening is in his own favour that is why he can not call those Governors and ask them what they know and why did they make such comments…And as you can see Mr President don’t care about your lives as you can equally see that people are dying everyday and He is busy going out for campaign…If you think what is happening is not in East,West or South then you will not care,then you are not A good Christian or Muslim,Because non of the Scriptures teaches or taught you not to be your brothers keeper…I Musa my religion Islam teach me to stay peaceful with everyone,it doesn’t matter to me who you are what kind of religion you are….What Baffles me is the fact that i really don’t think weather our Leaders are God Christians and Muslims cos,their mind had no piece of Justice and Peace at all. All that they are after is Leadership and how to make money everyday.As for me all i know is there is God surely all of us most die…What pains me most is the fact that our Leaders are teaching us we the youngones how to be Corrupt,Hmm,Wallahi (I swear) their own will be nothing compare to our own if we the youth of today will gain power…..May Almighty God help us…..

  7. Wise nd foolish comments from pple. Mr GEJ is weak as a person bt God is watching us all, since some of d governors from southern part of d country has been vow to open d carn if dis kind of things happen in their state, they know dem self bt be fearful of d last day. Nigerians shld Vote PDP nd its deadly team out of power come 2015 general election.

  8. Let’s be realistic please.. Every one knows d truth abt d kind of Govt we hav in Nigeria. No human feelings, no lives value, no respect for d citizens nd all they cared abt is re-election nd gainning power by any mean even if it includes killing 2/3rd of Nigerians..
    I personaly would’nt av gone mad at Mr JGE if he was out on a state mission or peace management campaign, but he was dancin arnd for his selfish interestin when he was on d peak of expectation to perform d role of a leader and show some respect for the lost of innocent lives of d people whom out of love voted him into power, who surpported him wif thier lives, commited d security of d nation in his hands evn when he has not been tested he was trusted…”May their souls rest in peace”..Assuming his recently celebrated daughter was also caught up in d ugly incident, or if one of those beautiful women that died painfuly was his wife and those vibrant young innocient children were his, would he go ahead with his dancing madness?? Definately no… That is to tell us all that he does’nt care about our living provided it would not affect his race to d throne. God bless Nigeria, God bless nd forgive the deads….. Let us shine our eyes and be prayerful ahead the 2015 elections.

  9. The lower and upper chamber of the Legislative in Nigeria as at moment,I pray the wrath of God on your lives because I don’t why,the President can’t be impeached. He is a great mistake,disgrace to the nation. I stand on the Yoruba adage that states”ase pa mo lo wa,ko si asegbe”it just paining me that God won’t give or add extra punishment for people like you because sin is sin* No big or small sin. Human in animal flesh

  10. “My people self dey fear too much…… They fear for the air around us, they fear to fight for freedom, they fear to fight for liberty, we no wan die, mama dey 4 house………” Fela Anikulapo Kuti said it all, when shall we stand in 1 voice to all these tyranny invading our land? We all need serious cautions now or never! Yesterday’s drug addict spoke the Godly mind of his mission then nowadays clergy wine & dine over our woes!!! Nigerians wake up before it is finally late O!!!

  11. God will surely help every one of us in this country. Our government is corrupt, our people are corrupt. What shall we do? No one wants to change for the better. If we don’t change our behaviours, how do we expect God to help us be come better? Jonathan is a weakling that’s for sure. No one is perfect, but I believe in this country Nigeria we need God’s intervention.

  12. If u all like post A-Z none of ur write ups nor voice would b heard. Some of us here have black hrt, settle urself b4 u settle others. In d little place and vicinity and area u are, what good impact av u created? Stop criticising when u got no solution. Don’t stop praying 4 NIJA since none of ur contributions here makes a difference to d nation.—–Chaplain wisdom(da gprs)