Presidential Task Force Has No Use in Brazil- Ex-NFF Scribe

Former Secretary General of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Ahmed Sani Toro, has added voice to the growing argument against the involvement of a Presidential Task Force (PTF) with the football federation in a bid to help the Super Eagles improve on their previous performances at the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil.

The call for the NFF to be assisted by a PTF got the green light in 2009, when the Federal Government set up the body- then headed by Gov. Rotimi Amaechi- to oversee Nigeria’s qualification for the 2010 World Cup and the team’s eventual participation in South Africa.

And as the Eagles prepare for their fifth World Cup appearance, Nigerians in some quarters believes the PTF, which had gone on to steady Nigeria’s shaky performance in the previous mundial’s qualification campaign, could further strengthen the possible realisation of our semi-final target this time round.

The Fifa World Cup in Brazil Begin June 12.
The Fifa World Cup in Brazil Begin June 12.

However, the former Commissioner of sport in Bauchi State says such calls only amount to unnecessary distractions.

Toro wants those behind the idea to reconsider their position, adding there is nothing whatsoever suggesting the need of a task force in Brazil.

He maintained the government itself has not said it want to set up a task force.

“I am totally opposed to the idea of a task force for the Super Eagles,” Toro is quoted as saying in an interview with

“It is not necessary and I don’t think government is also interested in setting up any task force.

“I do not see any need for for a task force. If its existed in the past, there was need for it then. But for now, I can say a task force will only create confussion.”


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