National Conference: Delegate Blames Northern Leaders Over Boko Haram

A delegate at the ongoing National Conference, Prof. Yusuf Turaki has blamed both Northern political and religious leaders for allowing Boko Haram insurgents to fester in the region.

“Mr. Chairman, the question I have to ask is, why have the Northern Muslim Umma, the traditional rulers and the political class allowed Boko Haram to grow from insignificant religious movement into a militant religious force that has overwhelmed them?”

Turaki, who spoke while making his contribution to the debate on the report of the conference Committee on Religion at the plenary on Tuesday, warned that Northern Nigeria is at the brinks of collapse and ruin solely on account of religious extremism, militancy, fanaticism and bigotry.

In his contribution, a delegate from Benue State, Senator Jack Tilley-Gyado, suggested that delegates should observe a three-day fast to seek the face of God concerning many sins being committed by those in authority, including past leaders some of whom he said were part of the ongoing conference.

According to him, people have hidden under the guise of religion to commit atrocious crimes against innocent Nigerians. He therefore called on the people to go back to God, saying these sins have brought Nigeria to where it is today.

“Please don’t serve lunch for three days. We will achieve peace and those who are overweight will lose weight. We should go back and create the middle class. I know that no human beings can equal the Holly Books. But we are not reading them, we are not practicing them”.


  1. I completely agree with you Mr Sanusi,the national is waste of time and resources,the President is clueless to the last extend,if not,he‘s behind all this problems,he knows what‘s up in this monster boko haram evil,insha‘ALLAHU they‘ll fail woefully,they can‘t degrade the true religion of ALLAH,come what may,we‘ll insha‘ALLAHU forever be MUSLIMS.

  2. Why must you politicise religion at every instance you get. @IbrahimAbubakar who is trying to make you a non Muslim. People like you give Islam a bad name. If our northern elders and indeed the emirs and sultan had spoken out and acted rightly, including the elected political leaders, we wouldn’t have gotten to this stage. The double standards our people portray is sickening. The hate you express towards people from the south,and non Muslims alike is disgusting; so because your president is a non Muslim ko. And with this attitude Nigeria can never get its acts right. You will transfer this same belief to your children and thus to generations yet unborn. You preach about the true religion, yet you indulge in what the religion stands against, drug/alcohol/sexual binges. Even Arabs who have no regards for blacks let alone black Muslims treat non Muslims with more dignity. If your clueless minds cannot come up with suggestions for solutions to the problems we face, do the rest of the country a favour and shut up.

  3. See. Them they know what the Turaki is saying is nothing but the whole truth yet they still choose to playing to the galery. The earlier northerners begin to say the truth and against all this fanticisms, the better for their region. How many times have xtians in the south rise up to attack northern muslims over religion? How many times have yoruba muslims ever take up arms against their fellow yoruba xtians? Why must it always be in the north and by hausa fulanis? Yet Islam is a religion of peace, why then do the true adherents of islam not speak up whenever fanatics do things that potray islam in evil light. Your disgustful hate for GEJ simply bcos he’s a christian has driven and blinded you to allow bokoharam destroy your lands and most of you are stil dancing in d name of politics.. Wake up northern nigeria to the truth bcos only the truth will set u free…


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