Niger Delta Insists On Regional Autonomy

Nigeria’s Niger Delta Sunday declared that it would settle for nothing less than a new constitution premised on Autonomy or confederalism.

The President of United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy [UNDEDSS], Prof Pat Utomi made the region’sposition known in a statement.

“The Niger Delta will shortly commence a restoration agenda that will trigger parallel non-violent actions to make it clear that its resources all belong to it, though it is prepared to pay a tax [maybe, up to 50% to the Centre]’.

The statement added that the restoration agenda will ‘reject all obnoxious extant laws, such as the National Inland Waterways and Land Use Acts, as they are presently promulgated, saying the agenda ‘will actively resist any attempts to dislodge duly elected authority using illegal, violent or regressive modus operandi and not allow the Niger Delta to be part of a Nigeria that is not premised on the justice, equity, peace, and progress of Regional Autonomy”


  1. That’s good, and every region and its people should also have the same autonomy as such our lands must not be own by someone from elsewhere because one cannot have dual control of his resource and land belongs to others.


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