REVEALED: Why Traffic Congestion Will Not End On Ikorodu Road

Contrary to widespread notions that the expansion work currently ongoing on Ikorodu road would reduce the perenial gridlock experience on the express-way when completed, commuters, motorists and other users of the road have stated that it will be business as usual.

According to feedbacks our reporter got from those handling construction work on the road and residents in the area, the expansion work on the Ikorodu road will not increase the space for private and commercial vehicles, rather it will only create space for BRT buses and leave other road users with just four lanes.

“I really do not see any difference between what the road used to be and what it will be after the construction works ongoing,” one of the respondents, who simply identified herself as Toyin, opined.

Toyin added that the construction works have brought untold pains on residents of the area because the traffic situation on the road has been frustrating.
According to her, “We have seen the BRT lanes and I don’t think anything would change after all. What we experience these days are frustrating surprises.
“I’m not praying for it, but I have a feeling that the congestion might eventually get worse after the construction work has been concluded.”


*Picture showing traffic on Ikorodu Road

Corroborating Toyin’s stance, Mrs. Olanrewaju Abiola, a resident in Ikorodu, noted that road users might have to leave their vehicles at home soon due to the gridlock encountered on the Ikorodu Road.

While emphasizing the need for traffic officials to manage the situation,
the shop owner who works on Lagos Island, stated that, “I am really tired of the traffic situation on this road, I guess it’s the most notorious in Lagos State right now.
“The expansion, to me, was not carried out with an intention to satisfy the needs of the masses. I can assure you that after the completion of this road, people might still have to go through ferry transport while they abandon their vehicles at home.
“Maybe with a proper organization of the newly constructed portions on the road, we could get something better from it.”

Some motorists, who agreed to talk about the Ikorodu Road, also expressed dismay at how things are turning out on the road after the BRT lanes have been completed.

A bus driver, popularly called Holy Michael, disclosed that it seems there would be no solution to the gridlock being experienced on the road.
He explained that there is no way transport fares would be reduced considering the persistent gridlock motorists face on the road.

“For most of us transporters, it has been very frustrating. When we learnt about the road expansion some months ago, we were happy. But as things have turned out now, it seems we are back to status quo.

“Because of the heavy traffic on the road, we can’t go on as many trips we used to. As a result, we have had to increase the transport fare in most cases. If the road is free, everybody will enjoy it,” Holy Michael retorted.

A motorcycle rider, who pleaded anonymity, also said that, “maybe their main aim was to bring the BRT vehicles down here when they made the plan to expand the road because that is the only difference we are seeing now.

“The rate at which we witness traffic congestion on the road since they started the expansion and after they completed the BRT lane has not been encouraging. But what can we do about it?”

While rebuffing claims made by the road users, Oladayo Nurudeen, one of coordinators of the construction company working on the road, Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company, said that with the new BRT lanes, Ikorodu residents may not need to move around with their cars anymore.

Nurudeen stated that government plan was to ensure that there are fewer vehicles on the road, adding that pedestrian bridges would be built at strategic points on the road.

“I do not agree with people saying that traffic situation will not improve on Ikorodu Road,” he said.

“What we are doing is to de-congest the road of too many vehicles since they will now have more confidence in BRT buses.

“There are also construction works going on to ensure that there are pedestrian bridges are built at strategic places on the road to ease movement for commuters,” he added.

On how long it would take the company to complete with the construction works, Nurudeen opined that, “by August or before December at most, we should be thinking of handing over to the government. Although beautification might still continue on the road.”