Assassins Storm Stella Damasus’ Former Home


Something is definitely going on that we don’t know. There is someone or a group of people that are obviously at war with the actress, for reasons best known to them. On May 31st, 2014, 12 heavily armed men stormed the Abuja home of Daniel Ademinokan, where the actress and her two daughters were said to have been living before they relocated to the United States with him, demanding to see Stella.

According to Daniel’s younger brother who just got back to the country, he said they kept asking for Stella’s where about and demanded he gave them her phone number and her house address in the States.
It was gathered that one of the men kept yelling at Daniel’s brother, saying, ‘Your brother and his wife think they can just open their mouths and say anything they like about the government, abi?’, The Nation reports.

They didn’t take any item away from the house because of the pathetic condition of Ademinokan’s mother, who is laid up with a stroke.

It will be recalled that earlier in the week Stella tweeted this;

“No form of political bullying or intimidation will work! You can’t shut me up! I will stand and speak the truth, regardless of your tactics.”
Then she followed up with another tweet saying, “That is what Nigeria is known for; you say the truth…they try to silence you! It will not work on Stella Damasus. I cannot be intimidated.”