Basket Mouth Swears He’ll Never Tell Another R*pe Joke


Students of the Lagos state government staged a protest at the governor’s office recently, demanding for a reduction in the over 700per cent price hike in tuition fees. Sunday’s episode of Rubbin’Minds had as hosts, president of the Student Union Government LASU, Comrade Nurudeen Yusuf and Adekoya Joseph, PRO SUG LASU

There was a flip though as the show started with the entertainment segment. Comedian Basket Mouth was live in the studios and he spoke at length about various happenings in his life and career of recent. He also plugged his upcoming Basket Mouth Uncensored show coming up on the 29, June 2014.

On a serious note, Basket Mouth apologised once more for the r*pe joke he shared earlier in the year on his Facebook page which did not go down well with his followers and accepted that it was in deed in bad taste. However he was quick to credit the incident with helping him sell out all of his tickets for a show in London.

The funny man expressed his pleasure with the growth of the comedy industry but regretted that things may have been stagnant of recent. According to him as a young man, Eddie Murphy was his inspiration and he would like to host the Oscars in the near future. He mentioned his preference for hanging out with colleagues like Julius Agwu, Bovi, Buchi but allowed that there are a lot of assholes in the industry that he would rather not roll with.

The LASU student representatives were up next and they both lamented the Lagos state government’s insensitivity in hiking the price of tuition fees. According to them, in a stakeholder’s meeting, governor Fashola asked them to come up with a figure that is affordable by students but promptly ignored their submission.

The union PRO asked government to make public the newly proposed fees in Naira and Kobo as they did the old one so that the world can see just how much of an increase the government is proposing. According to him, LASU needs only 10billiion Naira to run annually and all of the additional increments are just to cause untold hardship for the students.

Comrade Nurudeen Yusuf made a final plea for Governor Fashola to reduce the fees on compassionate grounds as the minimum wage of 18,000 does not support such merciless increments.