Dog Unearths Human Remains, ‘Creepy’ Doll Head And Other Oddities


A husky recently made a strange discovery in California -– a makeshift burial plot, with several bizarre items including human remains, a “creepy looking” doll head and a collection of machetes.

Aaron Kind, of Yuba City, told Sacramento’s KCRA-TV his 4-year-old husky, Skye, was digging in his back yard on June 23, when she unearthed a doll head.

“It was very creepy looking,” Kind told KCRA. “We found a cloth and then curiosity kicked in and we just started digging it out more.”

Additional items were soon found by Kind and his roommates, including a ceramic or clay pot, which was surrounded by machetes. While retrieving those items, Kind said, that he and his roommates unearthed a human skull and a jaw bone.

“It went from kind of cool to kind of serious, so we got the authorities on the line,” Kind said.

According to a press release from the Yuba City Police Department, the remains were sent to the California State University.

“We want to make sure we can rule out any foul play and how the skull came to be in that ceramic pot,” police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey told The Sacramento Bee.

“[The university] is looking at the age of skull and other articles and that will help us figure out about what time it had been buried,” said Pavey.

According to KTLA-News, an initial examination of the remains indicates they may have been part of an Afro-Caribbean religious ritual.

The investigation into the discovery is ongoing.


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