Iron Woman: Mother Tied Up, Brutally Beat Man Who Rapped Her Daughter


A mother decided to take the law into her own hands when she tied up and beat the man who raped her 13-year-old daughter. The entire attack was captured on video, and now the mother may faces charges in Malaysia.

The 28-year-old man is shown in the video laying on the dirt ground with his pants down and being whipped across his bare buttocks. Various reports claim the weapon may have been a tree branch, a stick, or a cane.

Officers in Malaysia have viewed the video, and assistant police commissioner Lai Yong Heng said they are attempting to identify the mother and the group of people who allegedly helped her restrain the man and whip him, reports the Daily Mail.

It is possible that charges of ‘causing grievous hurt’ will be brought against them for the attack on the alleged rapist, reports Malaysia’s The Star.

“We hope that the woman and the others seen in the video will surrender themselves before they are arrested,” Lai said.

The caning occurred because the mother believed the man raped her 13-year-old daughter multiple times with another man in a home in the village of Tawang.

The caning victim was injured and required medical treatment.

“He received injuries to his body and head and had to go to hospital, while a second man linked to the rape was assaulted by a group of people,” Lai said.

The mother has received support from the online community since the video went viral on social media.

“All she was doing was making an example of the monster for all the other monsters out there. The other monsters will think twice before they do it again,” wrote Sithashani Balakrishnan.

Stephen Riches agreed with her actions, writing: “I would also whip the living day lights out of any man that abused my child.”

If the man is convicted of rape he may be caned again by Malaysian authorities and receive a prison sentence.