Let Us Radicalize Youths Against Boko Haram – Bozimo

A former Minister of Police Affairs, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo has called for the radicalisation of youths against Boko Haram.

Bozimo, who expressed worry about the spate of attacks in recent times, especially the bombing at Emab Plaza, Wuse II, Abuja said: “Deliberate efforts should be made to energize the youths to work, it is their tomorrow that is being endangered not ours because we are already old.

“You will be amazed that when young people are empowered, they can betray some of their people in the Islamist group. As they recruit beggars, we too should recruit beggars,” the former minister told Vanguard in an interview.

“Radicalize the youths positively, the market associations; the youths should actually patrol the streets, let it be a mass movement thing, that is the only way out,” he said.

Speaking further, he stated: “We must rise and take up the challenge As long as they are scoring, they will be encouraged to believe that they will take over Abuja and other states. That is what is happening in Iraq, we must be tough in this situation. It is not talk now we need but action. We must support the security agencies in the practical efforts to gather intelligence.”

Bozimo however expressed support for President Goodluck Jonathan, nothing that the Niger Delta would not jut watch and see the president denied his right to run for another term.

“If anybody thinks that this type of thing will stop us from backing Jonathan, that person is making a mistake because the only way for equity and justice to prevail is to allow Jonathan run for second term. If you cut short Jonathan’s tenure, we will not fold our hands in the Niger Delta, there will be no end to this insecurity. So it is important we recognize the right of every Nigerian so that there will be peace,” said Bozimo.