NLC Endorses Fayemi For Second Term

Kayode FayemiThe Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Saturday endorsed Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State for a second term in office.

Gov Fayemi is the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the June 21 governorship election.

The NLC President, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar, who led a delegation of the union’s Central Working Committee (CWC) on a visit to the governor in Ado Ekiti, however asked stakeholders, including the federal government and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), to ensure level playground in the election.

According to the NLC president, Governor Fayemi has “performed creditably well and deserving of a second term as governor of the state”.

He hoped that the governor “will invite us for a tea party after June 21 election, by the special Grace of God”.

He said: “Ekiti is capable of not taking dictation from any quarters. They (the people) are going to do justice to the election. We are surprised by a lot of attention regarding our coming here to hold our routine meeting. We don’t see any reason why anyone will interfere with that. Our consolation is that whether or not an election is going to take place, we know and can always identify with people who have identified with the movement.

“We are Nigerians coming to hold our meeting and no one can harass us. Your (referring to Fayemi) antecedent in labour movement is not something people don’t know and so we have every cause to be here to identify with you.

“During the June 12 struggles, was Fayemi not a part of that struggle and challenge? Our people also moved round the capital yesterday and did not see any sign of violence or destruction. We don’t shy away from the truth.

“We believe the election will be free and non-violent if the powers that be will allow the people to freely make their choice. And no one will like to go backward after having gone this far regarding development in the state”.

Omar warned those he called ‘external forces’ against interfering with the election, which comes up this Saturday, noting the electorate must be free to make their choice during the poll.

At the meeting with Umar were the Deputy President, Promise Adewusi; Acting Gen Secretary, Chris Uyot; Vice Presidents Isa Aremu and Lawan Dusima, among others.

In his response, Gov. Fayemi hailed the delegation for the sentiments expressed about his administration and the state.

He promised to continue to meet the yearnings and aspirations of his constituency including labour.

“My partisanship in the present political dispensation is a product of my past as student and pro-democracy activism. I promise that I won’t disappoint this constituency with my conduct in governance”, he said.

He described the NLC endorsement of his candidature as a call to do more for the state and the people.

On fears about alleged plot to rig the election, Fayemi said: “the worst way you can incur the wrath of the people here is to wage war of rigging against them because Ekiti people will resist such. We are appealing to the labour leaders to continue to canvass one man, one vote so that whoever wins or loses can accept the outcome of the election”.


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