Pastor Kumuyi Stars In £1m Movie Alongside International Stars


The famous pastor and founder of the Deeper Life Church Ministry — Pastor Williams F. Kumuyi has played a role in a £1 million thriller Christian movie titled Snare, where he played a role of a pastor.

The movie, Snare which has been in the making since 2010 is dedicated to late Hubert Adedeji Ogunde, a Nigerian actor, playwright, theatre manager and musician who died 24 years ago.

Speaking about the movie, David Adekunle Ogunde said: Snare is actually based on a couple, particularly one gentleman, an African who is brilliant, who is lured because of the flaw in his character, even though he wants to change the society. He looks at the society as poor and also full of diseases and sicknesses, so he decided that he wanted to change that. But he has a flaw in his character and that flaw is greed, the love of money.

Snare, was shot with world-class actors; both Nigerian and international actors such as Branston Cosby, Steven Baldwin and Phil Tan Carl Cameron amongt others.


  1. Becareful! Remember, ‘touch not my annoiting and do my prophet no harm’. Though am not a deeper life member but I believe in Baba’s teachings and doctrine, he’s a kind of shepherd that guide his flock jealously from heresis, pollution of strange doctrine and teachings. On Watching Tv or not, is a kind of guide, as we all know that the whole system of the world is corrupt talkless of the media or the entertainment industry but still the light must keep shining no matter the level of darkness around. Mind you, this is a christian movie; another way of preaching the gospel. But if the movie is out and we discover any role Baba played that is not scriptural then we can now prayerfully call his attention to it. We are not in position to rebuke our spiritual elders talkless of judging or addressing an annoited man of God any how but we can give them humble advice.

  2. Yes,he is trying to reach the world through the most important and most popular medium-tv and there is no crime in doing so if it can reach and transform the heart of the desired population.God bless Daddy Kumuyi,God bless Nigeria and God bless the whole wide world.