Toyin Aimakhu Calls Stella Damasus: “You Are An Attention Seeker & Do Return Our Son”


They say ‘Wetin concern agbero and overload’ in this case, e concern am.

Nobody really knows what the war is between Toyin Aimakhu and Stella Damasus but we know it’s hot.

See Toyin’s tweet below: –



Now if you don’t understand the tags, let’s explain them to you.

#visadonepire- Meaning Stella’s Visa in the States is about to get expired
#bringoursonback- Meaning Stella should return Doris Simeon’s son, who is obviously Toyin’s friend
#Attentionseeker- Meaning she is only looking for attention
#luvustill- That’s very understandable


  1. Stella Mrs senior kidnapper, bring back Doris son ooo ooo, as a mother will you ever pray your children is taken away from you? Especially to a cheap smelly idiot like you? That Daniel is so stupid too to have taken you on board, after sleeping with all the men in Nigeria. …ashawo, bring back our son, attention seeker as toyin rightly said…..ole..thief…barawo.

  2. Yea,it’s so sad watching anoda woman raise ur baby,I’m a single mum,I love my baby & I won’t let my baby fadas whore raise my baby,pls Stella giv d baby back& I’ve lost count of d number of men uve had a thing wit,re u cursed or wat,ild advise u to stay single Dan pick up anoda man,thumbs up toyin for standing by ur friend& as for dt mumu Daniel,I read ur open letter to d boi at a point I tot u were talking directly to d boi abt his mums numerous sin,dts a no no don’t brainwash d small boi into loving,don’t paint d mum black,it wld surely backfire,God doesn’t lie,d truth will surely prevail.

  3. To Eve & Seun. The words you used in describing Stella despite not knowing her personally speaks volumes about you. A decent woman will never,use such a derogatory word to describe another woman,no matter what!
    Sensible people will know that it takes two to tango and if Daniel want Doris to have their son,Stella can not hold the child back. Let me ask you how you geniuses know how many men Stella has slept with? Cos it takes a,thief to know a thief. Seun&Eve,I suggest that u use your time to do other important things like learning to speak and write English and stop being cheap tools for haters like Toyin to smear Stella.I am a mother for your info and if Doris(a sweet,decent)lady really wants her son,believe me,she knows how to go about it. I am a believer in fighting for what is yours but in a decent way. Not the Seun,Eve way.

  4. @Raffy. Did I hear u say if she really wants her son back ? Smh for some women. Pls let’s call a spade a spade.Women should learn to support one another. How will u feel if your husband take custody of your children and won’t let u see them,all because of a nassicist mistress. Its unfair! Dia ris God oo!

  5. stella is a thief nd she is a disgrace to nollywood industry,u took possession of fada nd son do you want to kill doris d way u kill ur late husband

  6. Why do uvve to blame stella?she has no fault at was d mother dt lost her value and role as motherhood,and dresponsible mother is loved so she has to teach her lesson of takg care of home n not only buz.God will settle d matter btw dem

  7. What’s the the diff btween ralph and raffy? Ntn, if u ppl were in that little boy,s shoe u will know the meaning of not being raised by ur mother but by a come and cheap whore

  8. @ joy abi oo my sister,they are not even a bit related to dem oo,maybe dey get interest in d man wey stella carry sef,n dat toyin she won’t mind her own business ccausing trouble btw stella n doris

  9. All of you that are against Stella shame on you,toyin abebo Nia shot your mouth, And mind your own bussiness.let see how your own marriage will last.

  10. Joy, temmy, Evelyn, I pray wot happen to Doris shuld also happy to u,bcos I knw u r nt a good mother @ al, Toyin is right she shuld me our son bck to us, she kollect Daniel n take alway Doris son, u will nt b in peace 4eva Stella, useless woman n God go pushing dt lunatic Daniel or wot he cal itself


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