Tragedy Averted As Boy, 13, Discovers IED-Laden Car Parked Near Kano Mosque

IED-KANOWhat could have been a disaster of monumental proportions was averted in Kano on Friday, as a 13-year-old boy discovered a massive assemblage of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) placed near a Jumaat mosque ground in Sauna-Fafunga of Kano metropolis, Kano State, right before the commencement of the Friday prayers.

Briefing reporters at the Bompai police headquarters, the state police commissioner, Alhaji Aderele Shinaba, said that they were informed about a suspicious vehicle abandoned at the Jumaat ground by unknown persons.

Shinaba said the police anti-bomb squad quickly arrived at the scene and discovered that the vehicle contained IEDs that are of high caliber, which he claimed could have destroyed an ‘entire village’ if detonated.

“We discovered cylinders of high-calibre improvised devices that, when exploded, could have ruined the whole vicinity or the entire village. The vehicle contained two big cylinders, 13 IEDs and ammunition”, he stated.

To underscore the magnitude of the explosives’ devastating effect, Mr. Shinaba said that while detonating them at a safe location, the vibration and sounds alone shook the area and left a crack on a nearby house.

The police commissioner commended the general public for their vigilance and urged them to continue being part of the security arrangement in the state.