Upcoming Artist Tattoos ’666′ On His Forehead (Photos)

A young upcoming Jamaican dancehall artist named Lee 2 Sparta, has boldly tattooed the number 666 on his forehead and shared the photo on social media.


He took to his twitter handle to share the photo below, with the caption: “My name is Lee 2 Sparta. I am a Sparta. I come from Mobay. Big up to the Sparta King Tommy Lee. Big up the whole Mobay we dont fear people no day. You see my face tattoo, I got that because I’m a Sparta for life. I don’t give a dam about anybody.”

According to Lee 2 Sparta he is the protege of Tommy Lee Sparta who is currently on trial for fraud.

See photo of his hero, Tommy Lee Sparta below:

Tommy Lee Sparta

The number 666 is a sign most Christians would shun as it has been depicted as the as the mark of the antichrist and attributed to the devil.

It is often referred to as the mark of the beast.



  1. Meeeehn… Dis is pure maaaaaaaadness .. What does he feel like having dis shittttttt on h is head… U so so irritating .. ASShole u don’t wrd being a human .. He goAt dats yo name .. May God forgive u …