Asari Dokubo Takes Shot At Goodluck Jonathan


This is a new turn of events as Dokubo seemed to be always on the side of President Goodluck Jonathan, at least till yesterday.

On Tuesday, leader of Niger-Delta Peoples Volunteers Force Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari slammed President Jonathan over his comment that there would have been crisis if Gen. Muhammadu Buhari died in the Kaduna blast.

He said that placing one life over 80 other people that died was completely wrong.

Asari Dokubo told reporters in Abuja that;

“I do not work for Jonathan. What the President said was wrong. The life of Buhari is not more important than 87 people that died in that blast. It is unfortunate that the President made such a statement.

I wonder why the President will be promoting one person above other Nigerians. That statement from the President was very unfortunate. I do not have the capacity to tell the President to apologise, but I still insist that he should not have made such a statement.

Soon after the blast, a cross-gender person came out and was arrested. Even the mother of the person arrested said he was insane. Social media reports said I gave them N5m to carry out the attack. These things are masterminded. The first one is against President Jonathan and the other one is against me.

I did not pay anybody to carry out any assassination attempt on Buhari. I do not have anything against him. He is not a threat. He will fail in 2015. For the records, I do not operate a Twitter account and anyone saying I tweeted that there would be more attacks is only using my name.

What do you think???


  1. Reply to asari’s jumping about washing him self for what he said earlier about GEJ’s comment on Buhari’s bomb attack carried out by insurgent,
    By now Mr. Asari I want to remember what happen to Nigeria or let say wat is happenng, all is because of the mistake dat Nigeria makes when the security kills so called BH leader (Mohammed Yusuf) was greatest mistake that Nigeria make ever cuz if you can take it to u urself during your strong-head on our own. Natural resources now is left for you to think about it ……..BRB

  2. Does Asari has brain to even be talking or advising our president?He is just using d press to remain relevant,pple like him shld go out in shame instead of talking rubbish.can smone like him talk in advance countries aftr all d evil he committed?shame on any govt associating wth pple like Asari.