Braithwaite Calls For Suspension Of 2015 Election Until Chibok Girls Are Released

Tunji-BraithwaiteFounder of the defunct Nigeria Advanced Party and pro-democracy activist, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite, on Wednesday, said that the 2015 election should not take place unless the 223 Chibok schoolgirls still in Boko Haram captivity are released.

Dr. Braithwaite, who joined other activists at a rally held at the Event Garden in Lagos as part of activities to mark 100 days of captivity of the girls, decried the manner at which politicians go about their electioneering activities in the face of insecurity in the country.

He said: “All they are doing is spending money and resources on who becomes the next president or Senator”, adding that “we should not allow that; there should be no elections if the girls do not come home and if we do not have a brand new constitution”.

He further noted that “Nigeria is not 100 years, no, no, no. Nigeria as a nation is only about 53 years, a failed nation for that matter, but the people of this country must use this occasion of the 100 days of abduction of our daughters to do something; I am not interested in rallying.

“I am interested in action. I am an old man but I am still fighting. And I will fight till the end of my days because if you don’t fight you will be crushed. I want this generation to decide, it got nothing do with Jonathan. I want Nigerians to decide, are we going to conduct 2015 election while these girls are still in captivity? Answer. Noooo.

“Let them begin to hear that now that all the preparation for 2015 election will come to nothing unless we bring the girls back, unless we stop corruption in this nation”, he added.