Constituents Reject Ramadan Gifts From Anti-Nyako Lawmakers

Murtala Nyako-JudiciaryFor participating in the impeachment moves against the Adamawa State Governor, Admiral Murtala Nyako (rtd) and his deputy, Bala Ngilari, the constituencies of some Adamawa House of Assembly members have shown their anger towards the lawmakers by outrightly rejecting the Ramadan gifts presented to them by their representatives.

Those affected include the member representing Girei local government area, Abubakar Umar; the member representing Mubi North, Abubakar Umar Jaringol; and the member representing maiha local government area, Hassan Kaigama.

The rejection of the gifts came on the heels of our previous reports that some of the lawmakers might soon be recalled by their constituencies for their role in the impeachment saga currently playing out in the state.

“That is not what we sent them there to do”, said a resident of Mubi, Mallam Idris Haruna. “The people of Mubi have decided to reject the Ramadan gift from their member to show him their disappointment over his involvement to remove Governor Nyako and his deputy”.

Not done yet, Idris said they regretted voting for Jaringol as his actions were always contrary to their wishes, adding that before he got entangled in the move to impeach the governor, he never deemed it right to consult with the people on whose mandate he went to the assembly.

“It is unfortunate that the member could not even listen to our most cherished traditional leader, His Highness the Emir of Mubi. The member has never registered with us since we elected him into the assembly as the only member elected on the platform of the defunct CPC, now APC, only for us to hear that he has defected to the PDP. And as if that was not enough sin, he is now involved in the plot to remove our governor, against our wishes”, he fumed.

Hon. Abubakar Umar was not spared either by his constituents in Girei. The people vowed never to have anything to do with the member because he has betrayed them.

“We will never have anything to do with a traitor, we prefer to die hungry than collect a Greek gift from him”, Ladan Ibrahim said. “Very soon, we will start the recall process against him as we felt betrayed by his actions”.

Meted similar treatment is the member representing Maiha, Hassan Kaigama, whom the constituents promised to teach a bitter lesson for the ignoble role he played in the impeachment saga.

Mr Yohanna David, who spoke on behalf of Maiha Concerned Citizens, said the constituency had resolved to deal with the member if he did not withdraw from the impeachment move against the governor and his deputy.

“We expected them to consult us before he blindly supported the move for the impeachment of Governor Nyako and his deputy. We call on him to retrace his steps before it is too late”, said David.