Father Allegedly Beat Own 2-Year-Old To Death, Because He Wanted Her To Be Gay


Women really need to be selective when it comes to getting pregnant because some men simply don’t have what it takes to be a father. A Michigan native by the name of Donovan Haynes was sentenced to only 18 years in jail this week for beating his 2-year-old daughter, Ti’Airra Woodward to death.

Donovan Haynes told authorities that he whooped his daughter regularly because he hoped it would turn her gay in the future. He claims he beat the child to protect her from abusive men.

Donovan Haynes did not appear to be apologetic about the situation in court. He smiled at the judge when he heard his sentence of 18 years. The judge thought the crime was ‘astonishing’ and felt it was the most despicable murder he’s ever dealt with in 25 years.

“You don’t bear her in hopes she’s going to turn gay,” MLive reports Farah saying as he scolded Haynes.

Donovan’s attorney even begged the judge to give him a longer sentence. He knew the man was crazy because he didn’t show one once of remorse for the murder of his daughter.

“This case is a case that defies reason, logic, common sense,” Hatchett said. “[It’s a] tragedy to see the life of an innocent child snuffed out for no reason at all … I don’t have any sympathy for him. Hopefully, judge, he will repent.”

Donovan Haynes cursed out his attorney for not trying to work out a plea deal with the prosecution. Haynes family wanted him to go to trial, so he had no chance of winning the case.

“There is no likelihood — none — that he would be found not guilty by a jury of his peers,” Hatchett told Farah.

Nakeesha Woodward, mother of the murdered girl, said that her baby daddy showed no remorse for killing their daughter.

“I lost a child,” she said. “I felt he was playing with the court. He has no remorse.”

We want to know why did he only get 18 years? There are people facing life for selling weed brownies! There are people facing 60 years for firing a warning shot. There are people serving 20 years for shooting a person in the leg after being attacked.