Kaduna Bomb Attacks: JNI Decry Loss Of Innocent Lives

Islamic body, Jamaa’tul Nasril Islam (JNI) has condemned the Kaduna bombing which killed many innocent Muslims and injured several others.

“We are dazed over the news of the twin blasts in Kaduna city, which claimed the lives of many innocent Muslims in a Tafsir closing session of Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, held at Murtala Muhammad Square, Kaduna and within a short while, another blast was said to have rocked Kawo in Kaduna.

“We therefore, condemn in the strongest terms these repeated acts of terror being unleashed on Muslims in this blessed month of Ramadan. JNI equally sympathizes with all the affected victims and also condoles with the families of those who lost their lives in the unfortunate incident. May Aljannatul Firdaus be the abode of all the deceased, Amin.

“As usual, JNI calls on all authorities concerned to be more committed to their responsibilities of protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians as no development can be achieved in a situation of fear, insecurity and chaos. All hands must be on deck to stop these unending massacre of lives and destruction of properties, as Nigeria is becoming a theatre of blood for no just cause, which must be stopped.

“Muslims should utilise the remaining days of Ramadan to complain to Allah, The Most Merciful, through vigorous supplications for relief, succour and ease against the evil masterminds of the nagging insecurity bedeviling our country.

“May Allah, The Almighty, The Compeller, The Supreme, and The All-Knowing, bring an end to this nagging evil, disgrace the perpetrators and grant us lasting peace, security, prosperity and a promising future full of happiness and development, Amin.”


  1. Haba Hamzat Mohammed Why raining abuses on Jonathan. Is he now part of boko haram sect ? It is unfair Nigerians Instead let us all come together to fight a common enemy Those.who are killing for their own god not Almighty Allah who teaches peace and love

  2. North Governors like what is going on there.they like the killings. If they don’t like the killings, let them act now. let me say this, that there is killing in the community where am the leader of the community and í refuse to tell the whole world bout the matter then I should blame myself. If north leader are truth let them rise up….QED