Man Sued Neighbor for Not Trimming His Trees


The neighbor of NBA star Kevin Garnett has filed a lawsuit claiming that untrimmed trees on the player’s property are obstructing the view of his Malibu home.

According to TMZ Sports, the “Big Ticket” is facing a big lawsuit from his neighbor because of a construction project he began at his $9.5 million mansion last year.

The neighbor, who lives in the $3.5 million mansion next door, claims that Garnett didn’t obtain the right permits before beginning the project and even lied to the City of Malibu about his plans.

When he confronted them about the problems with the trees, the neighbor claims KG and his wife wouldn’t “trim, prune and lace trees and foliage” and that they “scoffed” and “stonewalled” him.

The neighbor is suing for damages and also wants a judge to order Garnett to remove all of the obstructions that are blocking the view.