MC Miracle ‘(Old Basket Mouth): ‘Why I Gave My Stage Name To Bright Okpocha (New Basketmouth)’

Basketmouth can perhaps be said to be the most celebrated and entertaining Nigerian comedian of all time. But not many people know that Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth got the name from another comedian named, Ernest Essien who was originally known as Basketmouth.

Ernest Essien now MC Miracle revealed in a recent interview on how and why he let Bright Okpocha keep the name.

Read Excerpts Below:

No, he didn’t steal the name. Sometime in 2000-2001, Basketmouth approached me during one of the Plantashun Boiz’s concert at D Den on Isaac John in Ikeja and he introduced himself to me as ‘Basketmouth’ and told me he heard I was also using the name. I was already an established entertainer then so what I saw was a younger brother from Benin with hunger for success in his eyes. There and then, I asked him if he liked the name and his response was in the affirmative. I told him to keep the name so I changed mine. Most of my friends including my wife did not approve of this. They said I sold my birthright to him.

Did the change in name affect you?

Definitely yes, because I had to begin a rebuilding process, getting to let my clients and fans know about it . It took a lot of time, money and conviction. But since they got used to it, it has been great.

So what is your relationship with Basketmouth?

He is my younger brother who is doing very well for himself. In fact, I feel proud that I allowed him use the name and he has always shown me respect whenever we meet. Way back, we cover up shows for each other. I remember one particular incident when he had to go for an interview at theAmerica embassy to get visa and also had to perform at Pall Mall in Calabar. He called on me and I went to cover up for him. We have a cordial relationship though we hardly see often because of our busy schedules.

Culled from Vanguard