Nigeria Is In Trouble – Femi Falana

Chief Femi Falana (SAN) has reminded delegates at the ongoing National Conference that Nigeria was in trouble as the demand for Nigerian oil by foreign countries continues to drop.

The human rights lawyer, who is also a delegate at the conference noted that there was an increase in the oil production of some countries like Angola. Other countries like Kenya and Uganda have also found oil and are planning to go into commercial production.

“The government of Nigeria has fallen into problems as regards getting buyers for our oil. As of today the united states of america has stopped buying our oil because it has got an alternative and before now the total import for the U.S was about 10% of fuel imported to the U.S. Most West African countries have struck oil. Angola has increased its production, we believe that the crisis in Libya and Iraq would cause problems with respect to oil production and it has proved to be true and as a matter of fact the crisis has stopped oil production.

“And presently Europe is experiencing oil blocks and India that we have been pleading with to buy our oil is now turning to china Russia and Indonesia. Currently President Putin is going round the world assuring more countries that they are going to give them oil and gas. Currently Nigeria is in trouble. So when we are talking of sharing we need to take this into cognizance that there will be nobody to buy our oil,” he stated.