Nyanya Mastermind Extradicted Back To Nigeria (PHOTOS)

The Nigerian Terrorist Aminu Ogweche, said to have masterminded the first Nyanya bombing on April 14th, has finally been transferred to Nigerian security agencies by International Police, INTERPOL.


This recent development was reported by the Defence Headquarters through its Twitter page.


They said Ogweche’s transfer occurred at Abuja International Airport and he was immediately taken into custody.

Ogweche was a former Army soldier who fled the military and later allegedly planned the Nyanya bombing with 5 of his acquaintances.


After the horrible bombing went off, he flew out of the country to Sudan, where he was arrested by Sudanese officials who transferred him to Interpol.

On May 14 the Coordinator of the National Information Centre, Mike Omeri revealed that the Nigerian State Security officials had already arranged to have him extradited back to the country to face charges.

He said: “We wish to authoritatively confirm the interception and consequent arrest of one of the two suspects on the wanted list, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche who fled to Sudan.

He will now face the Nigerian Justice system, after his absense delayed hearing of the case.

Mr Omeri, when contacted by PremiumTimes, confirmed the report that the suspect has been handed over and is in Nigeria.

UPDATE: Security Agency provides the following photo-evidence:

ogwuche_terrorist_in_1 ogwuche_terrorist_in_2 ogwuche_terrorist_in_3