Rihanna Moves On To Big Sean After Drake Rumors


It seems Chris Brown was right about Rihanna when he said: “She wanna f**k all the rappers” in this hit single ‘Loyal’.

Even though Rihanna claims she has been single since she ended her affair with Chis Brown, most people would believe otherwise.

However, very reliable sources say that Rihanna is now dating rapper, Big Sean who broke up with his girlfriend Naya Rivera

Here is their report by MTO: –

MediaTakeOut.com was IN THE BUILDING inside Kevin Durant’s Los Angeles pool party yesterday – and we were SHOCKED when we saw Rihanna and Big Sean come to the event TOGETHER. Rihanna brought some of her girls, and Big Sean brought some homies but it was CLEAR . . . Big Sean and Rihanna ARE TOGETHER. This is not rumors it’s FACTS. We saw it with our OWN EYES.

Congrats to BOTH Rihanna and Big Sean. Sean is the homie . . . and Rih used to be the HOMIE . . . before we had our little FALLING OUT. Anyways, these two are about to become the HOTTEST COUPLE IN THE GAME in a hot second.