Sheikh El-Zakzaky Speaks On Clash With Soldiers: ‘We Were Helpless… They Shot At Us With Impunity’

Ibrahim el-ZakzakyThe leader of Nigeria’s Shiite Muslims, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, whose three sons were killed yesterday by Nigerian troops in Zaria, Kaduna State, said his followers were unarmed and have never armed themselves in their history.

Zakzaky said in a brief telephone interview culled from Sahara Reporters, said: “We were armless during our procession, and they shot us after we ended our procession, the whole world knew our history, we have never armed ourselves. We are waiting for the lies that they will tell.

“We were just helpless while the soldiers shot us with impunity; we have children, women and even the aged in our procession. We had this procession in many parts of the country, and nothing happened and for almost 40 years we have been doing this.

“They shot our brothers and sisters; my son Mahmud, who came from a university in Beirut, was shot on his stomach and died on the way to the hospital. They came back and arrested three of my sons alive and killed two while in their custody. How did they arrest my children without resistance? Our submission to the Nigerian authority is not in doubt hence they took them away. And so what lies are they telling?

“They took Ahmad, Hameed and Ali with them; Ahmad and Hameed are chemical and neurotics engineering students in China. It was my fourth son there, Ali, who had a gun wound that confirmed that the soldiers have killed his two brothers, and they were all arrested alive”.

He also said that the action of the soldiers was premeditated and clearly extra-judicial killing: “If you are accusing someone of committing an offense, you must carry out prosecution according to the law of the land, but why kill people with impunity? Even if you say we have breached the law, then you must look for the leader and try him in an open court.  What have we done?

“My appeals to all our brothers and sisters to be calm and I will soon address the press and you will receive our stand, thank you and wish you the best in New York”, he said.


  1. Wen did u ever ask ur children,brodas and sisters to carry placards and rally on #Bringback our girls/ on behalf of the chibok missing skul girls? Or wen did u ever tell urself and them to do peaceful protest to buhari’s house dat he should stop boko haram dat he is leading pple to protest in support of palastine,we are no longer babies in dis nigeria therefore we know that ‘his cup just got filled-up and he receive his reward-is time for him and his-like minded muslims like buhari and d rest to repent.

  2. What are u even sayin dis chijioke of a person?if u are afraid just keep quite cos u dont know anytin,bokoharam is a political issues bt de use religion to cover face, if binta is called a ful is bcos she show some resameblance to a ful. Whom is she even sayin dat God will punish ”’watta kila i ta ne allah ze wulakanta ko shi zakzaky bade sojojin bakan.

  3. Use your sense of reasoning by going through the statements of Zakyzaky and notice the truth, wisdom & respect for the law. Stop this bigotry and transfer of hatered of boko haram to an oppressed person. NOTE that there can be peace & development when there is justice & impartiality.